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top of its usual checked2015-Apr-17

2 Fee on Checked Bags for Holiday Season

Spirit Airlines already charges more Cheap Long Prom Dresses fees than any other domestic carrier. Now it's adding a surcharge for checked bags on flights around the holidays. (If you don print yours at home, you asked to cough up $10 at check in.) Spirit is also known for being highly profitable, and for being outrageous to get attention latest example being the gimmick of giving away free miles to customers who send a message to the airline explaining why they hate it so much.

This past Cheap High-Low Prom Dresses spring, Spirit relaunched its brand to better explain how exactly it does business upfront fares combined with a la carte fees for almost anything beyond basic transportation, dubbed the fare order to quell the hate. CEO Ben Baldanza has also gone on record saying that his company may stop adding fees because it become difficult to think up any more new ones.

Apparently, however, the creative folks at Spirit have put their heads together and come up yet another fee rather, a fee on top of a fee it already charges. The Los Angeles Times reports that Spirit has quietly tacked on a $2 surcharge on top of its usual checked baggage fees for passengers traveling during the peak winter holiday period, December 18 to replica christian louboutin shoes January 5. The Cheap Sexy Prom Dresses standard price to check a bag during online check in is $40 for the first piece of luggage, so if you flying Cheap Short Wedding Dresses during the holiday period, it run $42.

is coming and that means holidays. Which means more people than ever will be traveling with Spirit to visit their loved ones, states a message from Spirit attempting to explain the holiday surcharge. make sure we have room for everyone bags, we encouraging customers to Cheap Beach Wedding Dresses pack a bit lighter. almost sounds as if without such a fee, and without customers packing less, Spirit might have difficulty finding space for all the luggage people want to bring. Which is preposterous. Clearly, the fee is intended Cheap Short Prom Dresses 2015 to milk passengers for a couple more bucks here and there, at a time when they more likely to have to pay up because they Cheap Prom Ball Gowns On Sale flying Cheap Wedding Dresses 2015 with gifts and bulky winter clothing.

No matter how Spirit tries to spin this, the Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses airline is yet again demonstrating that it in love with fees, that it can help but push the envelope with the Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses 2015 annoying, outrageous, nickel and replica louboutin shoes diming of its customers that, in all likelihood, it maintain its status as a highly profitable operation regardless.

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properly break chemlights again. b2015-Apr-17

49 9th sept unofficial changelog

jump to contentmy subreddits

limit my search to /r/dayzuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. though not all police cares as far as i know.

FIX Shotgun properly shoots 5 pellets now

FIX you can now properly break chemlights again. both on ground and in hands. i was broken on previous exp.

FIX sound glitches fixed. i hope this is true.

ANIMATION zombies walk differently. Have a different posture.

well thanks all for your help on my first changelog. i find it funny, that some of people didnt like the quality of this one compared to the normal one that /u/alaskafish does. but honestly i wouldnt expect anything less from a gaming subreddit. there is more stuff, but i tire of this because its late Cheap Prom Dresses as fuck here in the UK. heres an updated changelog. The weight of locations of the map are important. If too much good stuff is available (or in the case of crash sites, potentially available) in one area it pulls people to a central location on the map. Having clusters of activity is cool but having completely empty maps with 20 people at Bere and 20 at airfields means the massive map we have is very underutilized. Crash sites and random events are a key idea in cheap prom dresses online spreading the server population around the map, and having them at high value locations undermines what they can do for DayZIt seems like all health systems www.uniqueproms.com are broken as a new spawn, once you relog everything kicks in. So if you drink a ton of water from a fountain, then relog you http://www.cheappromdresses.us.com/ will throw up when you log on and most likely have hypothermia from weather effects.

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n a single up the middle by Du2015-Apr-17

11 Louisville Baseball Drops Final Game to Seton Hall

The 11th ranked Louisville baseball team was unable to overcome a slow start and dropped Sunday's series finale to Seton Hall 8 6 on a windy and rainy day at Jim Patterson Stadium.With Sunday's loss, which ended their eight game winning streak, the Cardinals fell to 32 7 overall and 11 4 in BIG EAST Conference games, while the visiting Pirates improved to 14 22 1 overall and 4 11 in league games.At the plate for Louisville, senior Adam Duvall (Louisville, Ky./Butler HS) finished 3 for 4 with one RBI and one run scored, freshman Kyle Grieshaber (Chesterfield, Mo./Marquette HS) was 2 for 4 with two RBI and a run and redshirt sophomore Stewart Ijames (Owensboro, Ky./Owensboro Catholic HS) went 2 for 3 with one RBI and one run.On the mound, junior righty Gabriel Shaw (Paducah, Ky./St. Mary's HS) took his first loss of the season after allowing four runs on eight hits with five strikeouts in 4.0 innings, while sophomore righty Tony Zych (Monee, Ill./St. Rita HS) was strong again out of the bullpen for the Cardinals with 2.1 innings of scoreless, one hit relief with six strikeouts.For the Pirates, starter Jon Prosinski earned the win after allowing two runs on four hits in 5.1 innings to improve to 2 2 on the season, while Benny Mejia came out of the bullpen for 1.2 innings of scoreless relief to earn his Michael Kors Cheap first save of the year. Bobby Abreu led the Seton Hall hitters with a 3 for 4 day at the plate, while four other Pirates had at least two hits.Seton Hall opened the scoring in the second inning with two runs on three singles and a pair of walks from Shaw, all with two outs. The scoring started with an RBI single to right by Chris Fontenelli to plate Will Walsh, while two batters later, Michael Rogers had an RBI single to right to score Fontenelli for a 2 0 advantage.The Pirates pushed their lead to 4 0 in the fourth with a pair of runs on three hits. Chris Spagnuolo started the scoring with an RBI groundout to the right side to score Fontenelli for the first run of the inning, while Frank Esposito followed with an RBI triple to center to score Abreu for the second run.Louisville scored its first run of the game in the fifth inning as Ijames hammered his seventh home run of the season and his second of the weekend, a solo shot to center field, to cut the deficit to 4 1.The Cardinals made it 4 2 in the sixth inning as senior Jeff Arnold (Louisville, Ky./Male HS) earned a leadoff Cheap Michael Kors walk, moved to third on a single up the middle by Duvall and then scored on a wild pitch from Prosinski.Seton Hall answered back in the top of the seventh with four http://www.cheapermichaelkorsoutlet.us.com/ runs on five hits for an 8 2 lead. The Pirates started the scoring with an RBI single to center by Giuseppe Papaccio off reliever Justin Amlung (Louisville, Ky./St. Xavier HS), while Walsh continued things with a two run single up the middle off Cards' lefty Bob Revesz (Grove City, Pa./Grove City HS). The final run of the inning came as Walsh scored from third on a wild pitch from Zych.Louisville cut the deficit in half in the bottom of the seventh with three runs on three hits. Grieshaber started the scoring with his first career home run, a two run shot to left center off reliever Matt Singer. Freshman pinch hitter Cade Stallings (Knoxville, Tenn./Farragut HS) followed by hammering a 1 1 pitch from reliever Mike Genovese over the wall in left field for his fourth home run of the season to cut the deficit to 8 5. It marked the sixth time this season and the second time this weekend the Cardinals have hit back to back home runs in a game.The Cards pulled one run closer in the eighth inning as Duvall mashed his 10th home run of the season, a solo shot to center field off Genovese, to narrow the Pirates' lead to 8 6. However, Mejia retired all three batters he faced in the bottom of the ninth to earn his first save of the season and clinch the win. ET at Jim Patterson Stadium. For the game, fans are encouraged to park at Papa John's Cardinals Stadium and use the free shuttle service provided by U of L. The shuttle service, which will pickup from Gate No. The shuttle will be available as needed during the game and will continue until 30 minutes after the completion of the game. With four weeks left in the regular season, Louisville is in third place in the BIG EAST Conference race with an 11 4 record, two games behind first place Connecticut at 13 2. By winning two of three against Seton Hall, the Cardinals improved to 8 1 in weekend series this season. Sunday's loss was just the third of the season at home for Louisville, which is now 128 46 all time in the facility since it officially opened on April 15, 2005.

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ng is a part of the Manitee fa2015-Apr-17

5 Endangered Species That Should Be Put Down

I am sure the corporations will find a good way to preserve the so called Wholesale Sunglasses 'endangered species', I can already imagine a duck billed platypus on a model's shoulders in the next Milan fashion week.

For too long have we been telling jokes about a seal walking into a club. Its about time we redirect our repressed violent desires towards useless animals to make sure our clothes truly are 100% organic, literally. Lets take the war to PETA, the new war on teror. It does not matter which way you swing, there is nothing wrong morally in barbarically mutilating animals and then pissing on their corpses. Unless ofcourse your a donkey loving guy in Kazakhstan, in which case your not swinging you went off the branch way back. Seriously, if your a creationist then find solace in the fact that God wanted them to die and if believe in the mere theory of evolution as opposed to the absolute undeniable truth of christianity then lets just say Darwin would have personally used a double barrel shotgun to blow their asses. Hopefully, not literally, Darwin wasn't that weird. Natural selection demands that the ugliest cheapsunglasseswholesale.us.com chicks have nobody to go to the prom with. These endangered species are the weirdest, ugliest and the most useless of the lot. Unless ofcourse you buy the entire food chain or the butterfly effect nonsense. Its not true, believe in Jesus.

This picture is exactly how you are being misguided and why you should take guns and move to Cuba or Hispanola to shoot this animal down. The rodent looks very manageable and your probably thinking it doesnt hurt to have a crossbreed between a pig and a hedgehog but this little bugger is actually very dangerous. It can release venom through its teeth and Scientists claim that it is easily annoyed. How do scientists establish that anyways? Do they annoy animals to check their threshold? Hey Gary lets throw pebbles at the rodent and lets see if it gets pissed off. Sorry James I am too busy humping the female Kakapo infront of the male one to see if they get annoyed easily.

Disclaimer: The guy in the picture is not James.

At first sight it just looks like an obese parrot and if obesity was a criterion to determine natural selection Americans would not be ruling the world. However, the Kakapo has not just divulged enough Big Macs to look like that it has had enough that it has to go hiking through the woods at night, we can already see why this bird is endangered, infact there are only 62 in the world. Atleast, the bird lives in New Zealand and not New York hence its still alive after walking in the night rather than what normal parrots do, FLY! There is a reason why the dodo is extinct maybe the Kiwi should also realize a few things before we turn them into shoe polish.

The angler fish looks like it jumped out buyreplicaoakleys.com of our nightmares, most people will piss their pants at the prospect of facing up to such hideousity. It looks like Oprah did the world a favour stopped making an effort and jumped into the ocean and somehow adapted. However, the reason the angler fish should die is not mainly because its ugly, it is also an insult on manhood. The fish has a big glowing fishing rod that any man would boast about but sadly only the females have that and the males are tiny little blobs attached to the femal goddess. The females "feeds" the male ex utero style. I am not saying shes a gold digger but lets put it this way the male eventually loses his eyeballs then his internal organs and finally his life but it doesnt matter to the female fish anymore because she already has the sperm by then. We must control our females and nature should be giving them no such ideas. Die Fish Die. Plus it threatened Nemo in the movie finding nemo.

The Dugong is a part of the Manitee family but its not invited to any of the family events because it looks like its perpetually giving a blowjob. The sole reason it should be eradicated from the face of this earth is because it epitomized the difference between myth and reality. The dugong is said to fake oakleys have inspired myths about mermaids, for ages men have pondered over the beauty of mermaids and lets face it, dugong porn will just look plain disgusting, it makes humping the fin of a mermaid look civil. Two dugongs and a cup really doesnt have a ring to it.

I can take the animal kingdom killing mermaid porn for us but the moment they infringe on the idea of lesbianism, they have gone a step too far. The lizards are officially named Cnemidophorus but honestly who cares considering they are called leaping lesbian lizards? Scientists somewhere got extremely lazy while getting blown from a dugong and decided to just name them that for the heck of it. If you thought female fish treating males like shit and then stealing their sperm was bad, these lizards have completely removed males from the entire reproduction process. All of the lizards are female yet they still reproduce and they are even known to simulate sexual acts needlessly. I can only imagine they miss the male species so women of the world do not get any ideas. In the mean time, people unite and move to the American desert to kill these lesbians. How could have thought men would want to do that?

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t about 60x forward estim2015-Apr-17

6 Hot Companies Selling Oprah's Favorite Things

You are being directed to ZacksTrade, a division of Zacks Company and licensed broker dealer. The web link between the two companies is not a solicitation or offer to invest in a particular security or type of security. ZacksTrade does not endorse or adopt any particular investment strategy, any analyst opinion/rating/report or any approach to evaluating individual securities.

If you wish to go to ZacksTrade, click OK. If you do not, replica louboutin click .

Oprah's highly anticipated Favorite Things episode aired today leading to the usual screaming and crying from audience members thrilled to be gifted the items on her list. Don't you wish you were in the audience for one of those shows?

Alas, this is the last season of the Oprah Winfrey Show and, presumably, this is Oprah's final Favorite Things episode.

Retailers have long known that Oprah has the golden touch. Products that have appeared on her shows have leapt off of shelves. Her Favorite Things list is one of the most highly prized product placements in all of retail.

Investing in the Favorite Things

Even if you weren't lucky enough to be in the audience, there is still a way to benefit from her Favorite Things list.

Take a look at the list. A surprising number of publicly traded companies have their products on the show this year.

These louboutin replica companies are clearly making "hot" products as Oprah is usually finely http://www.replicachristianlouboutin.com/ tuned into the trends. Some of the stocks, not surprisingly, are hot too. Netflix and Polo Ralph Lauren, for instance, are trading at all time highs.

Investors, it would seem, have already discovered that these two stocks are their favorite things. Still, several of the companies are trading with solid fundamentals and several also have outstanding growth stories.

6 Companies Selling Oprah's Favorite Things

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Cashmere sweater and throw ($498)

2. Williams Sonoma Breville Panini Press ($100)

3. Lululemon Drawstring pants ($98)

4. Netflix 5 year subscription (about $539.40)

5. Nike 4 pairs of Nike "Free Run+" shoes ($85 each)

6. Royal Caribbean Cruises 7 Day United/Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cruise (no price given)

Polo Ralph Lauren (RL Analyst Report) the upscale retailer is poised to have a good holiday as luxury is back in vogue. Polo Ralph Lauren is a Zacks 1 Rank (strong buy) stock trading with a forward P/E of 20.

Williams Sonoma (WSM Analyst Report), the furniture and household goods retailer which also operates Pottery Barn, recently saw comparable store sales jump 8.1% in the third quarter but alluded to possible promotions during the upcoming holiday seasons to move merchandise as customers continue to look for value. Williams Sonoma is a Zacks 2 Rank (buy) stock and trades at 18x forward estimates.

Lululemon (LULU Analyst Report) sells upscale yoga and athletic clothes and products. The drawstring pants on Oprah's Favorite Things list have long been favorite for busy moms, and not just for doing yoga. The stock has been hot with investors and now trades with a sky high forward P/E of 40. But the growth story is there, with earnings www.replicachristianlouboutin.us.com projected to rise by 50% this year and another 20% next year. LULU is a Zacks 2 Rank (buy) stock.

Netflix (NFLX Analyst Report) has been an investor darling since the economy started turning around in 2009. The stock has been on fire. Is it too hot to handle now? This Zacks 3 Rank (hold) stock is clearly not cheap, as its trading at about 60x forward estimates. But analysts expect 42% earnings growth in 2010 and 34% in 2011.

Nike (NKE Analyst Report), the iconic shoe manufacturer, has one of the strongest brands in the world. It is expected to grow earnings by 13% in fiscal 2011 and 12% in fiscal 2012. The company is a Zacks 3 Rank (hold) stock.

Royal Caribbean (RCL Analyst Report) expects record earnings in 2011 as travelers once again get the vacation itch. The Allure of the Seas cruise ship on Oprah's Favorite Things is the company's newest ship and one of the largest in the world. RCL is trading at 17x forward earnings. Analysts expect this Zacks 3 Rank (hold) to grow its earnings by 33% in 2011.

Zacks Rank Home Evaluate your stocks and use the Zacks Rank to eliminate the losers and keep the winners.

Mutual Fund Rank Home Evaluate your funds with the Mutual Fund Rank for both your personal and retirement funds.

Stock/Mutual Fund Screening Find better stocks and mutual funds. The ones most likely to beat the market and provide a positive return.

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The Patriots made waves i2015-Apr-17

Aaron Hernandez Tweet After Murder Of Odin Lloyd

On June 26, the formerNew England Patriotstight end was charged with the murder ofOdin Lloyd, a27 year old former semi pro football player. One day after Odin death, Aaron posted a provocative tweet that DEFINITELY got fans talking.

Aaron Hernandez, 23,was charged with murder on June 26. He is accused of shooting, execution style, Cheap NFL Jerseys his good friend, 27 year oldOdin Lloyd. Odin was murdered on June 17, after he was shot multiple times in the groin, arm, side, chest and back. Considering all of the charges he is facing 1 count of murder,1 count of carrying a gun without a license, 2 counts of possession of a large firearm, and 2 counts of firearm possession his June 18 tweet is super creepy.

Immediately after, Twitter users started making jokes. all, the message has been retweeted a whopping 2,622 times so far.

Prosecutors reportedly said that Odin and Aaron were in contact just 10 hours before his death. Furthermore,keys were allegedly found in Odin pocket to a car that had been rented by Aaron.

Prosecutors believeOdin recently said something to Aaron that destroyed his trust, giving Aaron a motive to kill. (Could they have gotten this information from Aaron girlfriend?)

Aaron Hernandez: More Info About The Patriots Tight End

Aaron was on the New Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale England Patriots from 2010 to 2012, and was dropped from the team immediately following the arrest.

The Patriots made waves in 2012 when they signed him to a five year extension, which included a $12.5 million signing bonus. It was the second largest extension ever in the NFL, and it showed the total faith the team had in his abilities.

Aaron and Odin grew close as Odin datedShanea Jenkins, the sister of Aaron fiance,Shayanna Jenkins.

Aaron and Shayanna have an 8 month old child together.

The New England Patriots React To The Charges

A young man was murdered last week and we extend our sympathies to the family and friends who mourn his loss. Words cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result of this investigation. We realize that law enforcement investigations into this matter are ongoing. We support their efforts and respect the process. At this time, we believe this transaction is simply the right thing to do.

Look at me. Jeremy pretends he just doesn get it. Speed and the majority of the senate stepped up. The Cheap Nike Jerseys FBI held a two day workshop an active shooter situations. Which is why my administration submitted information about a into the Department of Justice months before or what he was www.wholesalejerseybiz.us.com killed. not enough for a we are totally outgrown this place works productively I love taking care girls.

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